Rural Heritage Museum Village Homestead

Homestead & Village

The Rural Heritage Village Homestead is located at the upper grounds of the property. Step back into the era before 1865 and view the many sights in these authentic buildings. This area includes two log homes, outdoor drying shed, windmill, and brick wood fired bread oven. During special events, delight in warming yourself by the hearth of the stone fireplace in the cabin, or enjoy the aroma of artisan bread as it comes out of the oven.

Also located at the Homestead are the gardens. During peak season, take a stroll in our German Four-Square Garden filled with heirloom plants including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Rural Heritage Museum Village Homestead Homestead German Four-Square Garden Rural Heritage Museum Homestead Rural Heritage Museum Village Windmill Brick Wood Fired Bread Oven Drying Shed

The Rural Heritage Village is located at the lower portion of the grounds. Bask in the era of the 1800's while learning the unique and extensive history behind these buildings. The growing village showcases a log church, log home, doctor's office and medicinal garden, blacksmith, cobbler and broom makers shop. Several new additions are underway and more are yet to come.

Rural Heritage Museum Village 1800s Log Church 1800s Log Home 1800s Doctor's Office 1800s Blacksmith Shop 1800s Cobbler & Broom Maker Shop
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