Rural Heritage Museum Transportation Exhibit

Transportation Exhibits

The Rural Heritage Museum Three features transportation exhibits. It tells the story of how people traveled in Washington County in an earlier era, from horse-drawn sleighs and buggies to automobiles. Once inside the door, step back in time and enjoy seeing the replica of a rural repair garage. There is also an early Conestoga wagon which traveled the National Road from Baltimore to Wheeling.

The museum's stellar collection of bicycles and automobiles, many of which were manufactured in Hagerstown, reflects the rich history of transportation in Washington County. Hagerstown became known as The Hub City because it served as a major crossroad for many railroad lines, including Western Maryland, Baltimore & Ohio and Norfolk & Western.

Conestoga Wagon Vintage Bicycles Antique Truck Dagmar Vintage Repair Garage Replica Antique Firetruck Pope Tribune Runabout Vintage Carriage Antique Horse-drawn Sleighs

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